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Ballades & Gaspards: When I used to play an instrument.

Other people had LiveJournals; I have piano recordings.

At one point in my life, I was very serious about classical music. After my parents convinced me that I might have more optionality doing other things with my life, I mostly stopped. I think these might be the last two recordings I have of myself. They’re painful to listen to; they reek of immaturity*. But my 16-year old self is likely more technically capable than I’ll ever have time to be again and of course that 16-year old self wanted to play some of the most musically / technically challenging works, so we are where we are.

If that ever changes, I’ll update this page. First, we must acquire a home that can properly house my dream piano. Then, we must get a second mortgage to acquire said piano. And maybe a third so I have time to practice.

*What do I mean by immaturity? Well, think about how teenaged boys are—impetuous, brash, cocky—and apply that to music. Passion’s not always a bad thing, but too many times, I get wrapped up in my own music making over effectively communicating the emotions I’m feeling. Barreling out of control here because I want to go faster or lingering indulgently there because the moment feels so precious. But these recordings are part of my history and forever on my Dad’s website, so if my own website is about collecting all the things I’ve worked on, I suppose I’ve got to include them.

So with all those caveats logged (yes, I’m embarrassed in case it wasn’t obvious), here we are:

Ballade No. 4, Op 52 - Frédéric Chopin


Gaspard de la nuit “Ondine” - Maurice Ravel