Daniel Suo

Scientific progress goes 'boink'

Ph.D. Candidate
Princeton University
Department of Computer Science

Notes on Systems

Despite multiple efforts, I prefer reading and scribbling on paper copies of papers. Indubitably worse, I read papers pretty sloppily during the research process because I generally feel a rush to find answers. So here’s an attempt to read in a more…“scholarly” way…and take some notes electronically.

Last updated on 2017-12-19.

SOSP 2017 (Program)

  • (summary) DeepXplore: Automated Whitebox Testing of Deep Learning Systems (Added: 2017-10-18)
  • (summary) Pensieve: Non-Intrusive Failure Reproduction for Distributed Systems using the Event Chaining Approach (Added: 2017-10-19)
  • (summary) Canopy: An End-to-End Performance Tracing And Analysis System (Added: 2017-10-19)
  • (summary) NetCache: Balancing Key-Value Stores with Fast In-Network Caching (Added: 2017-10-19)
  • (summary) Algorand: Scaling Byzantine Agreements for Cryptocurrencies (Added: 2017-10-20)
  • (summary) Scaling a file system to many cores using an operation log (Added: 2017-10-21)
  • (summary) SVE: Distributed Video Processing at Facebook Scale (Added: 2017-10-22)
  • (summary) Eris: Coordination-Free Consistent Transactions Using In-Network Concurrency Control (Added: 2017-10-23)


  • (summary) The Case for Learned Index Structures (Added: 2017-12-19)