Daniel Suo

Scientific progress goes 'boink'

Ph.D. Candidate
Princeton University
Department of Computer Science

Managing Data Transfers in Computer Clusters with Orchestra



  • Data transfer accounts for more than 50% of job completion


  • Set of all flows transporting data between two stages of a job
  • Examine shuffle- and broadcast-style transfers
    • Shuffle: Weighted shuffle scheduling (WSS)
    • Broadcast: Cornet (BitTorrent-like protocol) + adaptive clustering algorithm to take advantage of hierarchical network topology in many data centers
  • Orchestra manages both intra- (via Transfer Controller (TC)) and inter-transfer (via Inter-Transfer Controller (ITC)) activities


  • ITC sits at top and implements cross-transfer scheduling policies (e.g., prioritizing transfers from ad-hoc queries over batch jobs)
  • Manages multiple TCs (one for each transfer in the cluster)
  • Each TC chooses some appropriate transfer mechanism based on data size, number of nodes in the transfer, their locations, and other factors